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For most folks, the Moffatt lamp is the first experience they have with one of our products. That's a big deal. We don’t take for granted that the name Moffatt is synonymous with quality for the hardworking folks who use our lamp. The level of quality in this product doesn’t happen by accident. The Moffatt Lamp you see today is the product of decades of problem-solving, engineering, and dedication to get the job done right. 

While what we sell today might be a lot different than the original Moffatt lamp, its development still retains the dedication to quality and problem-solving that made us get into this business in the first place. Here’s why the Moffatt Lamp is still a prime example of what we do best.

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In the beginning, Dillon Moffatt just needed to shed more light on a problem

When Dillon Moffatt started building the Moffatt Lamp, it wasn’t because he had grand designs on creating a revolutionary product, or a multi-generational company -- it was to solve a problem. The trouble light he used while working at his service station often got in his eyes while he worked -- what if there was a way to shine light directly down into the engine without having to hook it awkwardly to the car?

Dillon soon realized that there was a need for custom lamp solutions by many of the companies who supplied him with tools for his shop. Moffatt Lamps soon became extremely popular with mechanics thanks to the custom designs Dillon created based on each customer’s specific needs.  

The 100-Watt

step forward

For many years the Moffatt Lamp retained basically the same design. It was during the 1970s that Moffatt faced its first big challenge: folks wanted even more light. The original Moffatt Lamp was a 60-watt lamp, so when 100-watt bulbs became popular, it was a necessity for Moffatt to offer that option to their customers. The problem was that the 100-watt bulb produced a ton of heat

Dillon turned to someone he trusted: his son Dave, still finishing up his engineering degree but ready to solve the problem. Through many rounds of revisions, Dave eventually designed a lamp with an innovative heat sink that allowed the Moffatt Lamp to utilize a 100-watt bulb safely and effectively. The resulting lamp catapulted Moffatt into the national spotlight.

Today, Moffatt Lamps are bought and sold all over the world. We don’t take for granted the journey that our company has been on, or the help we got along the way. That’s exactly the sort of support we want to pass along to our clients.

The Moffatt Lamp of the future

With more customizations and options than ever, we’re proud to continue the tradition of Dillon and Dave Moffatt’s innovation today. While our lamp (and our company) might look different than it did back in 1954, we retain the core values that got us here. We believe that everyone who works with Moffatt deserves the respect, dedication, and time it will take to get their product exactly where it needs to be. Remember, great products don't happen by accident.