Flexible, Premium Components for Today's Innovations

We help design teams incorporate Flexarm Mounting Assemblies for User-Friendly Medical Devices.

Flexible, Premium Components for Today's Innovations

We develop medical-grade flexarms & custom engineered mounting parts for world-class products

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How to Work with Moffatt to

Develop Your
Product or Device

Develop Your Product or Device

We love to help engineers and product developers solve design problems, so they can avoid complex and expensive alternatives. Our prototype and our experience will help you evaluate if these mounting assemblies are a good fit.

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    Meet With Us

    There is nothing like seeing a product in action. We'll ask about your device, select a product concept, and go through our design checklist.

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    Rapid Prototype

    We'll send you a prototype based on the design call concept, made to fit your device and meet your requirements.

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    Product Proposal

    Even a seemingly mundane product that is well-designed to solve real problems can have a massive impact. We'll create a proposal summarizing the design, pricing, lead time and any other pertinent details.


Moffatt Flex arms are

Used in Hundreds of Devices

Here are some finished products to show how we use similar components with each customer, while still managing to make the design match the product and surroundings.

Flex arm in medical setting with Accuvien med device

Trusted by:

Flex Arm Cart

“Moffatt worked with us on designing a flex arm that is
durable and will stay in position.
If the arm begins to droop, the product would be a failure."

What we have now allows doctors to have freedom with their hands to do whatever they need to do while angling the device to see the vein of the patient.”

Viet Truong

Grey lamp on magnetic base flex arm

The Classic Moffatt Flexarm

A Simple Product With A Lasting Legacy

The Moffatt Lamp is most folk's first introduction to our company. That's because during its 70 years of existence its become one of the most popular lamps ever for machinists, mechanics, and anyone who appreciates a reliable adjustable light source.  While our company has grown an awful lot, we still think that the Moffatt Lamp is a great example of what we do best: innovate.

Learn the history of the Moffatt Lamp -- from its humble beginnings to how it taught us to innovate. This isn't just a lamp. It's our history and a great indicator of where we go next. We're excited for the next seventy years. We hope you're there alongside us to be a part of Moffatt's future.

Shop Consumer Products

(No Bulb included) Task Light, Quick Coupler Base
Flex mounted


The lighting for exactly you what need.

HD Flex Arm, hollow 58-27 UNF male and female fittings on ends


Increase your Device’s Reach and Range

Safety Shield Magnet Base
flex mounted


protection at just the right angle

2X Quick Coupler Base Magnifier
flex mounted


enhanced viewing
with ease

Free Ebook Download

The Engineer's Checklist

For your device's flex arms

Flex arms are a great option for engineers that need precise adjustments from their device. Unfortunately, some flex arms don’t live up to that expectation. How do you know what to look for? Moffatt Products has made flex arms for three generations, spanning a wide array of industries and applications. Our Ebook, The Engineer’s Checklist, will help you understand how to make sure you make the right choice. 

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