New Device Development with Mounting Solutions

A Seemingly Mundane Part
That makes great
Products possible

High-tension, easy to adjust
flex arms for medical devices

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Easy to Adjust

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Stays In Place

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Reliable Performance

A Seemingly Mundane Part That makes great products possible

High-tension, easy to adjust flex arms for medical devices

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Easy to

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Stays in

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Failure on a medical device by a small part can have big consequences

We understand the importance of quality and reliability. We believe something as simple as a flex arm should be the easy part of your design.

Moffatt Flex arms are

Used in Hundreds of Devices

A well-designed part can spark the imagination of what’s possible. We’re not satisfied with making a good product. We want to make the best product, so it can be used to create amazing products in the hands of a good engineer.

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Designed for High-end Applications

Most flex arms droop and have to be constantly readjusted, but not with a Moffatt flex arm. Our flex arms are easy to adjust and designed to stay in place.

  • Easy to adjust

  • Great design

  • No drooping

  • Medical Grade

  • Easy Wipe-Down Cleaning

“Moffatt worked with us on designing a flex arm that is durable and will stay in position. If the arm begins to droop, the product would be a failure. What we have now allows doctors to have freedom with their hands to do whatever they need to do while angling the device to see the vein of the patient.”

Viet Truong


Our prototype

Development Plan

We love to help engineers and product developers solve tricky problems, so they avoid needing more complex, expensive alternatives. We offer both off-the-shelf and custom engineered flex arms.

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    Talk to a product expert

    Schedule a video conference meeting from anywhere in the world with one of our product experts. We'll ask you to help us understand the problem you're trying to solve, and answer any questions you have about our mounting solutions.

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    Evaluate Prototypes

    We send you functional prototypes to compare so you know exactly how it feels to use with your device. There's no substitute for having a Moffatt product in your hands, and we help you fine-tune the design until it's just right.

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    Get a Quote

    You'll receive a Quote and we work through any further project details to prepare for manufacturing.