What should I look for to make sure my product positioning works?

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Product positioning design is hard. We get it, we’ve been there. Not only are you wrestling with your own ideas for a project, you’re also dealing with outsourced components. A good component can spark your imagination and lead to big breakthroughs during the testing process and beyond. A bad component, well, can’t do those things. Here are six things to look for in your next product design that will take your positioning from good to exceptional.

Easy Product Adjustment

Ease of product positioning and adjustment should be the first expectation for a good positioning system, and a good flex arm offers unparalleled utility when it comes to ease of use.  Your flex arm should be intuitive, with no knobs to loosen or adjust.  They provide infinite range of motion to position a device right where it’s needed.  No counter-balances, no hinged joints with properties that change over time, just simple, easy adjustment that your users will love. Not only should it be easily adjustable, but also when you position the arm, it should stay in place every single time.

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Effortless Cleaning

Unlike systems with hinges, springs or knobs, flex arms are easily wiped down with mild cleaners or disinfectants in medical applications.  The smooth coverings developed by Moffatt, in both gloss or matte finishes, eliminate seams and joints that collect dirt and germs.  Cleaning is quick and easy, keeping your product sanitary and sharp looking.  End fittings can be produced in a wide variety of anti-corrosion finishes from plating to anodizing to powder coating, or even produced in stainless steel. Take cleanability concerns off your mind.  

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You will want a flex arm tailored to your exact product needs – not too soft but not too stiff.  You want to be able to position the product in a way that feels just right to your customers.  Moffatt is able to easily customize the flex arm length, strength, and diameter to give you a unique and ideal combination fitted to your needs.  We will guide you through these choices, and offer options you haven’t even thought of – like flex arms with multiple strengths connected seamlessly in the same arm to create unique properties.  And of course a variety of standard or even custom colors, and unique fittings designed for your exact needs. CNC and die-cast fittings are both possible from trusted partners of Moffatt. Are you ready to create your next best product? Talk to one of our experts.

Sleek Product Design

Form follows function, but that doesn’t mean your product positioning can’t look impressive. The clean, simple aesthetics of a Moffatt flex arm appeals to users, with impressive finish and workmanship details that communicate quality and value.  Outshine the competition with both functionality and beauty.  Give your product a great look, with no bulky joints, pinch points, or over-engineered mechanical arms.

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Product Positioning Durability

None of these things matter, though, if a flex arm is not durable.  Moffatt flex arms are sealed, not just painted or plated, to keep contaminants out and keep strength consistent over time. The friction properties of the arm have been tested into the tens of thousands of cycles while giving up minimal amounts of holding power.  The covering materials are carefully chosen for longevity and even UV resistance.  And the variety of finishes available on the end fittings can survive rugged, hostile environments.

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Affordable Cost

For all these advantages, your choice of a customized Moffatt flex arm designed exactly for your needs creates tremendous value for the price.  Other systems, such as counter-balanced, gas-spring, and friction-joint arms, can quickly become over-engineered and expensive to build or maintain.  Moffatt flex arms are an affordable domestic solution to your product positioning challenge. 

Want to see an example? We worked with CAPSA Healthcare to create a custom solution that hit on all the above points. Read the blog about the process to see what we did.

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