Can I get flex arm replacements? 


Great engineering can help mitigate many potential problems, but let’s be real for a second: sometimes, components fail. With flex arms, it’s exceedingly rare, but it does happen. In our case (and in field experience) we’ve found that most of our Moffatt lamps last a lifetime – in fact, most are probably still sitting where they were mounted when they were purchased. But what happens when a flex arm DOES break? Can you get a replacement flex arm? The short answer is YES. Here’s everything else you need to know. 

How often does a flex arm break?

The answer to this, like we said, is exceedingly rare – we see this maybe a handful of times a year for our standard products (including the Moffatt lamp). Typically this damage comes because of the environment the flex arms are in, and not a failure with the mechanical components of the flex arm itself. The most common breakage with one of our lamps is when the shade is exposed to certain chemicals in an industrial setting. Some harsher chemicals can react with the shade, making it brittle and able to snap. There are also the cases of typical wear and tear – let’s say a machine shop uses and adjust their product every day, after 20 years that can sometimes break, but we see this much less often.

How long does a flex arm last?

We design flex arms to be a lifetime purchase. That’s especially true if you’re using it as a “set it and forget it” type of device. If it’s rarely repositioned, never at an extreme angle, and not cycled forth rapidly (more than once every seven seconds) it could last as long as you do! What causes a flex arm to age is friction. That means the more adjustments you’re making in a small amount of time ups the likelihood of potential failure. 

We advise our customers when they set up their cycle test so that they can see how hardy it can be. We’ll teach them to bend it down, wait seven seconds, then bend it again. It’s mostly about heat from the friction dissipating so that no damage comes to the coil. In our experience, even this is a rare occurence. 

That said, we’re still talking about years of good use, even in those conditions. If your flex arm stops working – please contact us immediately. 

Do you replace flex arms? 

The short answer, yes, we replace flex arms! The longer answer: feel free to contact us with any flex arm-related arm failures. In general, a flex arm can be a lifetime purchase. That said, we want to make sure that any failure of the arm is documented and tested so it won’t happen again. Hop on a call, or send us an email and let’s get the process started! Replacement flex arms are typically the exception for us, and not the norm. But, it’s better to not need it and have the option than the reverse.

Will a flex arm match the lifespan of my medical device?

As we continue to work with medical device manufacturers, we are asked this question more and more. In our experience, yes, a flex arm will match the lifespan of your medical device. Though, let’s say that with a caveat. Flex arms are situational, if you set them up to succeed, they will. Building those parameters into the engineering of your device will allow the greatest chance for success. 

That’s why we ask questions in your initial design questionnaire like “How is your device used?” “How many patients a day will use it?” etc. Our history and field experience tell us that most of these are lasting a lifetime. 

Can I get extra safety stock for my device?

Yes, absolutely. We have several clients who have gotten safety stock for their devices. Usually it’s about 5% extra stock. Additionally, we have a one year warranty on our devices – and that will dover normal defects, or any components that break of their own accord. 

In the end, our history gives us the confidence that these flex arms will work in most applications. We’ve worked for most of Moffatt’s existence in industrial machine tool applications. That means industrial strength like steel parts, and die cast fittings. Very little is made of plastic. 

Ready to see if our arms will hold up? We can’t wait to show you. Give us a call and let’s launch your next design together.