The Best Magnetic Base LED Light: 3 Traits You Absolutely Need to Look For

LED Light Magnet Base

Magnetic base LED lights have become an extremely popular option for flex arm mounting, and it’s easy to see why. They have unlimited freedom of location, and absolute mobility makes them perfect for any number of diverse applications across a wide variety of fields. That said, all magnetic base LED lights aren’t all created equal. You need to make sure you have stability, flexibility, and durability. Here’s how you can tell. 

A Magnetic Base LED Light needs machined critical depth for stability

Stability is built from the ground up. A magnetic base LED light is only as stable as the design of the magnetic base. So what’s the idea? You just sort of slap a magnet on the bottom of a flex arm and have it stick, right? Wrong. In fact, the one-size-fits-all approach to a base can really get you in trouble. The problem with using off-the-shelf designs for a base is that they aren’t typically designed to optimize the magnet’s strength — which can, in turn, lead to instability. 

A machined critical depth flat magnetic rim is crucial for base stability

We optimize the strength of the magnet by adjusting the critical depth of the magnet “cup.” By machining the face of the magnet cup, we’re able to achieve a perfectly flat magnetic rim — this makes the best use of the magnet and allows for greater strength than, well, less-than-perfect alternatives.  

How good is it? Our magnetic base achieves over 100 pounds of pull on a thick steel surface (so keep those fingers clear of the connection). Amazing right? That allows the magnetic base LED light to be able to be positioned in almost any way you can think of. You can mount it horizontally, vertically, or even on an inclined surface. All you need is a flat surface. 

We see the magnetic light LED base used all the time in machine shops and woodworking where there are tons of steel or cast-iron mounting surfaces. It’s so handy to be able to just pop it on steel-top workbenches, steel toolboxes, or even directly on a machine or vehicle. Handy, right?

Why base positioning matters so much for an LED light’s flexibility

For years people used the Luxo-style lamp. You know which one we’re talking about — the one that looks like the cute little Pixar lamp. The problem with those is that they need the arm’s base to be precisely vertical — which might not be optimal if you’re trying to look inside an engine block. The move to magnetic base LED lights has freed up machinists and mechanics. There are no more limits; every surface is fine — even upside down! 

While that might not seem like a big deal, think about it. This completely changes the way you can think about positioning your light. It’s not about base placement anymore, it’s about light placement. With a magnetic base LED, you can visualize where you need light, then find the mounting surface that makes the most sense. It’s a game-changer.

Bandsaw with flex arm lamp
Light can be placed exactly where you need it, even upside down.

Quality, durability, and cleaning: the pros and cons of the magnetic base LED light

The people who buy our lights are hard workers and they expect the same from their tools. We respect that. If you’re going to come in, day after day, and do great work, then you need to know your tools are going to show up and perform too. So what are we talking about when we say we need our magnetic base LED light to be durable? It comes down to one significant factor: pull strength.

We mentioned before that we machine rim the base of the magnetic cup for optimum grip. Having that tight seal on your base makes sure that the strength of your base is there every time you need it. If it’s uneven, your base will be compromised and won’t have the strength you need. That’s really the most significant factor, but there are a couple of other things we do to add another layer of durability to our product.

We offer powder-coated finishes as possible upgrades, which can give your base barrier level protection. An impenetrable outer layer that can prevent water and other oxidizing forces from affecting your magnetic base LED light’s stability and functionality. It’s just another added level of protection that we offer to ensure your light stays strong and working correctly. 

One thing that we run into is that the drawback of a magnetic base in a gritty or metal-working environment is that it may pick up metal chips. If those chips somehow got between the base and the surface it’s attached to, perhaps that could lead to instability, but if it’s already mounted before work has begun on a clean surface, it’s not a problem. It’s also a simple fix — a blast of compressed air makes short work of any metal chips. We designed the magnetic base with a simple shape to make it easy to clean and keep clear of any debris. 

The magnetic base LED light is an excellent option for those with specific lighting needs. If you’re curious to learn more, give us a call or drop us an email! We’d love to chat.

A magnetic base LED lights are easily mounted on a variety of surfaces

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