Woodworker Turned Flex Arm Believer

Dan Keller from Good Made Better Woodworking

What equipment do you need to create beautiful handcrafted penwells? This is a question we recently asked a local small business owner of a niche company called Good Made Better.

The Problem: Bad Lighting Makes for Poor Work

Dan is passionate about making products that, “capitalize on life’s elusive moments, but also draw attention to their inherent value.” His flagship product is the Penwell Classic, a pen stand that holds the cap securely enough you can unscrew or uncap the pen with one hand, making it more enjoyable to use. The products are known for their exceptional quality and craftsmanship. Along with their wood products, there is an appealing selection of metal and acrylic offerings as well. The problem was, Dan needed a light that would allow him to focus on the details of his work rather than be worried about the lamp shifting in the process.

The solution: A Precise Light that Stays in Place

Our Moffatt team has always valued our relationships, collaborating to design flexible mounting solutions. In this case, Dan described his needs for precision lighting on a handful of his machines. Getting the light exactly where he needed improved his ability to fine tune his working on the Penwell. We provided an 18” task lamp, covered with a black, easily cleaned vinyl. We outfitted his drill press with a magnet base mounting accessory, allowing for easy transfer of the lamp to the workstation of choice. A second lamp was fastened directly to his lathe with sheet metal screws. For detail work on his benchtop grinding and polishing machine, Dan mounted a flexible safety shield for chip control. For his fine wood pieces, wood grain visibility was key, so we provided a versatile magnifying attachment.

“I don’t have to wonder if a Moffatt task light will work. They have a tried and true light that stays where I put it and is easily configurable to fit a myriad of tools and work stations. Before Moffatt, it was frustrating to know I could have a better lighting setup and never felt my workstations had a finished arrangement without that.” — Dan Keller

We know how important it is for entrepreneurs like Dan to have the tools he needs to create the best work possible. If you have a task that requires better lighting or safety solutions, find just the right set-up at our store. Dan’s workshop was outfitted with a selection of standard products and accessories, specified to the unique needs of his process and machinery at his request. Chat with one of our design experts if you’re ready to explore mounting solutions for your latest innovations! For more inspiration, check out our Device Development page.