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Phone holder mount for kitchen

You Deserve It: How to Make Life at Home Easier with This 1 Thing

December 16, 2020

How does a busy household manage an online presence at work, cook dinner, and make sure the kids are entertained? By getting some help from flex arms. When you’re spending hours in virtual meetings, our flexible device mounts with magnetic sticker will change your life.

Protective Shield Protects Against Germs in Lab

What are the benefits of a protective shield in a COVID-19 world?

December 10, 2020

It’s an honor to be a part of keeping people around the country safe. Safety shields keep people safe, which is true now more than ever before, in medical, industrial, and foodservice industries. We have essential workers on the front lines who need to be able to get their job done right in the safest way possible. Here are some of the ways we’ve seen protective shields help our customers, especially this year.

Moffatt Products Flex Arm Cost for Medical Device Product Design

Is My Flex Arm Cost Going to Be Insanely High?

December 2, 2020

What does a flex arm actually cost? Not all flex arms are created equal. Depending on your needs, your product will require varying levels of durability, customization, and flexibility. Here’s a mini-guide to what you can expect to spend on your next flex arm for your product design.

AngelEye Health NICU Flex Arm Camera

Flex Arm Camera Allows Parents to Look in on Their NICU Preemies

November 25, 2020

We worked with the AngelEye Camera team to offer a flexible solution for parents to connect with their newborns. For the protection of many preemies, visitation is extremely limited. That’s because their immune systems just aren’t able to fight the bacteria that our bodies come in contact with on a daily basis. This can be extremely painful to new moms, who just want to see their kids. While most mothers can visit during the day, at night visitation rules often force them home — where they have no real way to know what is going on with their child.