LED Flexible Arm C-clamp.

The Number One Question We Ask Potential Medical Device Design Partners

April 6, 2023

When we talk about medical device components, Moffatt Products is in a unique space. We’re both a component manufacturers AND we also source parts from other component manufacturers. That’s how we create our flex arm devices. It’s important for us to have a base line knowledge of how that company works and if we’d be…

Moffatt Products team members

The benefits of working with an American manufacturer for medical devices

March 29, 2023

When you see something is “American Made” it immediately conjures some emotions, right? A lot of folks really appreciate domestic production – especially at a time when that seems increasingly rare.  But apart from just a good feeling, does buying American-made for your next medical device actually serve a purpose? We’re happy to say that…


How to navigate cable management on a mounted medical device

March 22, 2023

Your medical device needs to accomplish many disparate tasks at once – it needs to hold cutting-edge technology, be easy to use, and look professional. That’s why, even if it might not be the first thing on your design list, managing cords is an essential part of the development process of any mounted medical device. …

Man in hospital bed using a device on a flex arm

Why our clients are often surprised at how much a flex arm costs

March 14, 2023

Medical device manufacturers find real value in what we bring to the table. Why? Well, it starts with the average price of an assembly, which costs between $30 – $100 per unit at its most basic level. Why such a range? The lower end will be a single continuous gooseneck with basic threaded fittings and…