How to Determine if a Flex Arm is Right for You

Physicians Performing Surgery on Patient with a Flex Arm Lamp

How to Determine if a Flex Arm is Right for You

We hear it a lot. Is a flex arm reliable enough for my product design?

This is one of our favorite questions because we often find that customers have low expectations for flex arms. They are skeptical about strength, durability, appearance and other issues. Don’t get us wrong, there may be situations where you don’t need a flex arm that is as high quality as what we offer. What we excel at is helping you decide what the best solution is for you and your product design.

When it comes to medical devices or situations where you want to know for sure that your arm will stay in place, that’s where we shine. For example, you don’t want to be in the middle of surgery and see that your lamp is drooping. Or if you are building a piece of furniture, trying to be careful not to injury yourself, you want to trust 100% that your light will stay in place to keep you safe.

Your Expectations Should be High

If you have high expectations for what your flex arm needs to accomplish, we have raised the bar to meet those expectations every time.

How did this happen?  By never being satisfied with conventional flex arms, by making many small optimizing improvements to our flex arms over time and offering an ever-expanding list of options requested by demanding customers like you. Moffatt flex arms started off as a support for machine tool task lighting where metal chips, fluids, grit and abrasion were everyday problems so the arms had to be tough. Our lighting needed to match and enhance the look of world-class machine tools to not only provide illumination but blend in and help sell the entire machine. For our products to survive and thrive in this environment, we had to solve the fundamental problems consistently to remain a trusted partner supplying lighting accessories.

A Flex Arm You Can Trust

In order to build a reliable flex arm for your product, we always start with the fundamentals. We’ll work with you to optimize materials and processes, including tight control for consistency, and close attention to detail on finishes, trims, and mating part quality.  

The results speak for themselves. If you want to see some of the customers we’ve worked with, check out our portfolio page. Moffatt flex arms are trusted world-wide and support critical medical devices from anesthesia machine reservoir bags to vein viewers. LED task lights are supported on Moffatt arms approaching five feet in length.  All of these devices require frequent adjustment in demanding environments and of course reliable positioning.  Moffatt has even successfully produced autoclavable arms, covered inside and out with high-temp silicone, carefully sealed, and verified with pressure tests before shipment.

We’ll Get it Right Every Time

At the end of the day, you want to know for sure that the flex arm will do its job. We understand the demanding performance expected of your device, and we won’t rest until you’ve reached your design goals.