Product Development, Flex Arms, and Med Tech: What’s Next for Moffatt Products

Physician iPad Stand with Flex Arm

Anyone familiar with our company knows that Moffatt Products is in the middle of an exciting transition as a company. With Dave Moffatt graduating from his role as president and Mark Moffatt taking the reins, it’s really a time to take stock in who we are as a company, what we value, and what our plans look like going forward.

The short answer: We want to continue to provide great value and service to our clients, treating them with respect and kindness — the way we always have. That said, with a new president comes new ideas about product development. Our leadership team and company are excited for the next phase of Moffatt’s growth as a company. Here’s a quick snapshot of where we’re headed.

Flex Arms are only the beginning of our product development

We made our name by producing Moffatt Lamps. Many of our products have featured flex arms prominently because it’s what we’ve staked our reputation on. That’s great! We have and will continue to produce flex arm products for our clients. That said, we don’t want to limit ourselves to *just* flex arms.

Product development led to the magnet base for our Moffatt Lamp

We’re problem solvers and engineers, so we value a challenge — no matter what form it comes in. While you may have hired Moffatt Products to provide flex arms for your device or machine, we encourage you to contact us with other design questions or components that you may need. We want to make sure that our clients have the best device possible — getting a big-picture idea of what they want and any problems standing in their way allows us to engage with the problem and find creative solutions — even if it doesn’t always involve a flex arm.

One example of how we continue to integrate new ideas into our products is our continued development of a swivel assembly for our mounts. Pairing that with a traditional AMPS pattern plate allows us to create a device capable of more focused, minute adjustments — a natural evolution in flex arm design, but one that doesn’t have any inherent connection to flex arms.

Technology has opened more doors than ever before

Protective Shield Protects Against Germs in Lab
Patience and respect are part of our core values. We always want our customers AND vendors to feel appreciated — because they are!

Technology is increasing at a rapid rate, which has allowed us even more opportunities to try out new solutions to problems. Specifically, 3D printing allows for our designers and engineers to prototype mounts, accessories, and other pieces with ease. Whereas before we would have been limited in the type of options that we could fabricate for a client’s prototype, these days we can bounce around ideas with solutions

It’s true that you can’t prototype forever. Every project has a budget and timeframe that needs to be adhered to — we have absolute respect for that. That said, 3D printing has changed the way we do things, giving us greater latitude to come up with solutions at any step in the design process. We’re excited about where that will lead us in the future.

Not only that, but technology has made flex arm devices more viable in general. For decades it would have been unthinkable to utilize a flex arm for something as heavy as a television, but as screens and computers continue to shrink, there is more opportunity for these devices to utilize a flex arm. That’s a big deal, especially as those devices have become a ubiquitous part of med-tech, industrial technologies, and even entertainment! 

Where do we go from here? It starts with a phone call

What we’ve mentioned here is just the tip of the iceberg. We have several projects in the pipeline that we can’t wait to share with you. If you’re curious to find out if a flex arm could be right for your device (or if you’re just curious as to how we do things), we heartily recommend you give us a call. We love to hear from folks, even if it’s just to bounce ideas around. Contact us today and let’s get started on building something great together. 


Working on a flex arm design? We are here for a no-pressure phone call. We’d love to hear more about what you are working on and give you ideas and prototypes to improve your decision-making process. Give us a call, we promise it will be worth your while.