How are flex arms damaged?

May 18, 2022

Flex arms are reliable pieces of equipment that do their job when they’re treated correctly, that said they definitely can be damaged. That’s a problem, a damaged flex arm can compromise your device’s functionality, lead to unhappy end-users, and ultimately loss of performance or failure. Typically, if used for their intended purpose, flex arms have…

LED Flexible Arm C-clamp.

Is our flex arm reliable enough for your project?

May 11, 2022

You hear us talk a lot about reliability, here’s what that actually means. A reliable flex arm isn’t something you think about – that’s how you know it’s doing its job. If you’re thinking about the flex arm in your device, it probably means that it isn’t working up to your standard. That’s the thing,…

Tablet Device Holder Mount for Hospitals

What else can we provide besides flex arms?

May 3, 2022

We’re proud to be a flex arm company. Since the start, we’ve concentrated on designing the best flex arms for our devices – whether they be in-house like the Moffatt Lamp or any of the number of medical devices we’ve worked on. That said, we’re not a one-note sonata. Oftentimes, we work to create solutions…

flexible safety shield magnetic base

How our flex arm prototyping process works

April 26, 2022

From your idea up to production (and beyond), here’s how we help realize your product Your idea deserves the best shot at success. Over the years, we’ve developed a flex arm prototyping process that refines those ideas into a product that helps bring those ideas into reality. It’s tried and true and relies heavily on…