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What do I need to know before starting the flex arm design process with Moffatt Products?

April 7, 2021

We at Moffatt Products have a few core values that we strive to emulate. We want to be positive, respectful people that show our clients how valuable they are to us — not just as clients, but also as people. We want to work with folks across a variety of industries, finding partners who value the same things that we do: hard work, well-made products, and innovation.

Video baby monitor positioned perfectly to keep watch on a newborn

Can I use a USB flex arm or Micro USB with my device?

April 1, 2021

A USB flex arm is a great addition to any electronic device that needs precise adjustments that will stay in place for a small payload. That means they have a ton of different applications, from safety shields to magnifying glasses. One area that we’ve seen a ton of growth in recent years has been the application of flex arms in industries like medical technology, where the flex arm is often used to support small electronic devices (amongst other uses).

Kent Weakley using a flex arm lamp for woodturning

Task Lights Vs Flex Arm Lamps for Woodworking

March 25, 2021

Woodworking requires great lighting. When you’re using a wood lathe, it’s imperative that you’re able to shine the light exactly where you need — and have it stay there. There are tons of light options that woodworkers use, but which is the best? Overhead lights, architect lights, and flex arms lights all have their fans, but which one really makes a difference when you’re woodworking? We’re here to answer questions about cost, quality, and – our favorite – design. For the purposes of this article, we narrowed the field down to task lights vs flex arm lamps. Here’s the low-down on both options.

Physicians Performing Surgery on Patient with a Flex Arm Lamp

How to Create a Great Silent Flex Arm

March 18, 2021

A silent flex arm might not be the first design feature that a client brings up, but when it’s needed AND you don’t have it? You almost can’t think of anything else. We have clients across several fields who require their flex arms to be silently adjustable. There can be numerous reasons for it (more on that in a second), but in the end, just one thing matters: you want your flex arm device to be seen and not heard.