Big Changes: Moffatt Products in 2021


Where we went in 2021, and where we’re headed in 2022

It’s been another year that none of us will forget any time soon. From the continuation of the COVID-19 pandemic to private citizens entering space for the first time, it felt like 2021 was a year of change. 

Nowhere was that more true than at Moffatt Products. We’ve been through many changes in the past twelve months. One thing remains constant: we are thankful for all the folks who we’ve had the pleasure to work with over this last year. While the challenges may be new, the teamwork, respect, and problem solving that came from the partnerships with our clients feels the same as it always has. 

Here’s what happened to us in 2021.

Dave Moffatt and Mark Moffatt work together to transition us into the third generation of our family-run business 

Dave Moffatt

In May, Dave Moffatt announced that he would be stepping back from his role as President and that Moffatt Products would now be led by Mark Moffatt. That marks a momentous shift from our second generation to the third as a family-run business. We’re so proud of the work that Dave accomplished and look forward to him being a valuable part of the team. Here’s what Dave had to say in his announcement. 

Mark Moffatt has now become our new president and the head of our leadership team. Each member of our leadership team is an experienced professional in the role that they play. I’m excited and deeply satisfied to imagine you customers and vendors working with a company that has three generations of family values — with the ultimate goal of showing you respect throughout the design process. The transition of leadership at Moffatt products will enable more innovative customer design solutions, create a great place to work and ultimately give back to our community.

Many family businesses struggle to make the transition from one generation to the next. That can result in the sale of a company, the loss of employment, and the loss of great services to customers. I believe that the next generation Moffatt Products team has what it takes to succeed. I believe that they are ready to provide even greater value to customers and employees.

I am so proud of all of them.

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Moffatt Products Flex Arm Cost Medical Device
COVID-19 provided challenges, but also new breakthroughs in how we do business!

COVID-19 continued to create supply chain challenges

COVID-19 taught us so much about the stress of supply chain issues. We’re blessed to have great partners who worked with us every step of the way to provide us with components in a timely fashion. In a blog last May, we talked frankly about the challenges we faced and how our relationship with our vendors helped mitigate some of those difficulties. 

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Our clients continued to provide amazing products that are changing the landscape of medical technology

Whether it’s a new kind of light for surgeons or NICU cameras, our clients were able to utilize flex arms in totally unique and wonderful ways. Here are some we highlighted in past posts. 

Angel Eye Health – Angel Eye Health produces NICU cameras that are primarily used in neonatal wards so that parents can have live-streaming capabilities to observe and bond with their babies. Often these babies are “preemies” who will have to spend an extended stay in a NICU unit, which means that having that ability to connect with their child will have to be through non-traditional means.

CAPSA Healthcare Partners – It seemed like almost everyday healthcare providers needed a problem solved that had never existed before. Capsa Healthcare was there to help. When they needed a flex arm on a tablet holder for patients, they came to us. The ensuing product allowed folks who were in isolation because of COVID 19 protocols the ability to communicate with their loved ones. We love when a flex arm success story has a human component like this

MezLight – MezLight is a small company with a big idea. Envisioned by Dr. Josh Mezrich, a transplant surgeon at UW-Madison, MezLight offers an alternative to bulky headlamps that many surgeons are forced to wear during surgery. MezLight’s solution? A robust but supple flex arm that’s attached to the table and can give bright illumination wherever it’s needed. 

What’s next in 2022?

As you can see, a lot happened to us in 2021. What’s on tap for 2022? We can’t be sure, but one thing is certain: we’re looking forward to more product design, innovation, and partnerships with folks making a difference in the world. 


Working on a flex arm design? We are here for a no-pressure phone call. We’d love to hear more about what you are working on and give you ideas and prototypes to improve your decision-making process. Give us a call, we promise it will be worth your while.